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Day 88: Wednesday, July 1

Matthew 28:11-15

While they were going, some of the guard went into the city and told the chief priests everything that had happened. After they had assembled with the elders and formed a plan, they gave a large sum of money to the soldiers, telling them, “You are to say, ‘His disciples came at night and stole his body while we were asleep.’ If this matter is heard before the governor, we will satisfy him and keep you out of trouble.” So they took the money and did as they were instructed. And this story is told among the Jews to this day.

The Scriptures quoted are from the NET Bible® copyright ©1996, 2019 used with permission from Biblical Studies Press, L.L.C. All rights reserved.



Why do you think they made up a story to cover it up? Why didn’t they just believe in Jesus and become followers of Christ?

If Jesus really had raised from the dead, it verified all of the claims He made to be the true King and saviour of the world. The Pharisees and leaders would have to give up everything to follow Jesus. They placed too much importance on their position.

Do some people just refuse to believe no matter what?

To some, no amount of evidence will suffice. Some will refuse to believe in the truth because of how big a cost it will be. Jesus warned us: "For what does it benefit a person if he gains the whole world but forfeits his soul? Or what can a person give in exchange for his soul?" (Matthew 16:26)



Thanks that we can trust in Jesus and believe in the Gospel Pray for those who are sceptical of Christ

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